December 2, 2011

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Another Christmas in the red. So I decided to put my mad skills to work and sew away. There's scraps everywhere, I am forever picking off the ittiest pieces of thread off me, and I haven't gotten more than six hours of sleep since October. But it will be more than worth it to see smiling faces getting new quilts on Christmas day. I haven't decided whether not we will "raffle" these out, or give each daughter the one they prefer. The first is a "broken dishes" pattern that I sewed all wrong (I was supposed to rotate the blocks) done in 30's reproduction pastels and (gasp!) muslin. The back is pieced. Meandering is new to me but it is a very fast method to getting things done. The half navy block is a piece I am still looking for, I took it apart to straighten it out and misplaced it. LOL.

This one is the "Disappearing Nine Patch." It was super super easy and would definitely make it again. The back is white with a pieced strip.