May 19, 2016

flash back to 2011 Play Quilt

I made a play quilt for 1 month old Noah. Bouncing balls on front with a backing of footballs, baseballs, and soccer balls for my superstar grandson, also known as GS2. Hope you like it.

baby season

 New babies mean new quilts. This boy  quilt with bow ties was so quick to make. I started before going on a dinner date (Wednesday Enchilada special at El Fenix of course!) and completed it by 1 a.m. Yes I am at work and barely working. So sleepy. I cut 4 10.5 inch squares (2 print 2 solid) Made HSTs and rearranged to make hour glass blocks. I added 2 one inch ties to complete. Having four different prints would have been nice but who had time for that?! I sandwiched it with a scrappy backing, mainly baby blue solid with some green gingham.  This one is for my freshman's teacher. It is her first baby and her last week in Texas.

 I stipple quilted it and added binding, WHALES! So cute.

My daughter has had her BF since sixth grade. They are both in their early twenties now, and mommies of boys who are besties! I was so excited to hear she was having a baby girl. I have always been one to not want to know the gender but those mint green and yellow gifts gotta go! This one is part modern part vintage. The jelly roll stripes are from Moda- Aneela Hoey Hello Petal.I paired four blocks with a vintage scrappy border.
"straight enough" quilting

meander/stipple quilting in the coral border and swirls in the blue border

a lilac solid back

April 15, 2016

a little here and there

 I love spring. Juju and I went to the Quilter's Guild of Dallas Quilt Show. We loved seeing, not touching, all the quilts and I came home inspired and with more Kaffe prints I didn't have. I loved his Harry Potter themed bookcase quilt I have been meaning to start.

Angela Walters and her free motion quilting greatness visited the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild. She brings a lot of ideas and she was just plain fun to hear from. My free motion foot gets a great work out after seeing her quilts.

I finished another Noodlehead Cargo duffle bag. Julia uses it every day as her gym bag. It' s very simple and the directions are easy to follow. No doubt I will make one or two of these before tackling the Amy Butler Weekender bag I am so scared of. I plan on sewing this weekend, I don't care what it is I am sewing.

March 1, 2016

Mom Life and passing down the love of sewing

My mom never taught me to sew. But I do remember Grandma Rita. Mom would tell me stories how Grandma made her and her sisters their cotton dresses and pinafores to match. Grandma also was a great quilter,crafter, and crocheted the fastest granny squares she could make into ponchos (mine was olive green and red)and blankets. I taught my self to sew and quilt, first by hand, because I did not know how to use a sewing machine, much less thread a bobbin. My hunny bought me my first Singer sewing machine in 1997. My carelessness of accidentally leaving a pin or two in the carpet and him stepping on one prompted him. I hope to pass this love to at least one of my girls Julia might be my first victim. HA HA. I think she actually enjoys it though.
 Girl Scout Juniors Troop 237 made Christmas aprons. They used bias tape to finish the edges.

February 29, 2016

Scrappy trip along, part 2

I decided to be a crazy person and cut each 2.5 inch square one by one out of the scrap bin. This may take a while.

February 24, 2016

Life happens

Life happens. You blink and your kids are grown. Christmas came and went. Just seems days ago I was excited about putting cheery red things around the house. Snowmen everywhere, Christmas quilts out. I only made two quilts for Christmas. I guess the teens are more into material things. I did make some quick beanies. And now it's late February and spring is in BLOOM. Winter missed Dallas entirely. And I am not sad about it.
Beanies for days.

Nine patch and snow balls in Little Black Dress fabric.

Party like it's 2016.

Winter nights.


 My great niece Isabella turned one. I love making quilts for presents.
 My grandsons are excellent quilt holders. Don't you think so?
Sewn, quilted and bound by me, with love.