March 1, 2016

Mom Life and passing down the love of sewing

My mom never taught me to sew. But I do remember Grandma Rita. Mom would tell me stories how Grandma made her and her sisters their cotton dresses and pinafores to match. Grandma also was a great quilter,crafter, and crocheted the fastest granny squares she could make into ponchos (mine was olive green and red)and blankets. I taught my self to sew and quilt, first by hand, because I did not know how to use a sewing machine, much less thread a bobbin. My hunny bought me my first Singer sewing machine in 1997. My carelessness of accidentally leaving a pin or two in the carpet and him stepping on one prompted him. I hope to pass this love to at least one of my girls Julia might be my first victim. HA HA. I think she actually enjoys it though.
 Girl Scout Juniors Troop 237 made Christmas aprons. They used bias tape to finish the edges.

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