February 29, 2016

Scrappy trip along, part 2

I decided to be a crazy person and cut each 2.5 inch square one by one out of the scrap bin. This may take a while.

February 24, 2016

Life happens

Life happens. You blink and your kids are grown. Christmas came and went. Just seems days ago I was excited about putting cheery red things around the house. Snowmen everywhere, Christmas quilts out. I only made two quilts for Christmas. I guess the teens are more into material things. I did make some quick beanies. And now it's late February and spring is in BLOOM. Winter missed Dallas entirely. And I am not sad about it.
Beanies for days.

Nine patch and snow balls in Little Black Dress fabric.

Party like it's 2016.

Winter nights.


 My great niece Isabella turned one. I love making quilts for presents.
 My grandsons are excellent quilt holders. Don't you think so?
Sewn, quilted and bound by me, with love.