October 20, 2012


I love buying charm packs because they have bits of a whole collection. But I always end up sticking them in a drawer and forget to use them. When I found Ruby by Bonnie and Camille again, I knew I'd feel guilty for cutting it up. So I bordered it with 2 inch sashing and Ta Dots for the corners to gain some size and made four to a block. Then sashed those blocks too. I will always love aqua and red, it's so cheery.This is couch size, as all my kids are older and no one is stuck in a crib. So it is perfect for curling under and reading a book or just for a snooze.

 I went for quilting in chevrons, not in any order nor even. In a pale aqua thread.

October 14, 2012

Quilt Con

Yup that's me in the second and third row of a quilt being made for the Austin Children's Shelter. It's no winning block for the Modern Quilt Guild Quilt Con Raffle Quilt but seeing this is way okay.


August 15, 2012

Quiltcon block challenge reveal

 I barely made it in time to enter the quilt con block challenge! Whew, no time to press yet.
 Color Blocked  Spider Web.
 A Quilted Modern City.
And I say barely because I was doing a lot of this...

May 13, 2012

Ticker Tape quilt for Hailey

I made this ticker tape quilt for my daughter's best friends new baby girl Hailey Faith. It has pieces from quilts I made for my own daughters and grandsons.

My non-OCD quilt. No measuring, stabilizing, or perfecting this quilt. Very wonky in some spots.I actually hung it upside down. Can you tell I got tire of sewing itty bitty pieces? The sizes got bigger and bigger...
 The pieces are just from everywhere, chenille, dots, modern, old, designer, and what not.

 I am starting another one of these just in chenille pieces only that have had  for years from all the treasure hunting done on first Mondays in Canton.
 Once washed, the edges will fray a bit. I see some threads I need to clip!

April 27, 2012

Audrina's quilt

Here's baby's quilt I made for my sweet niece Audrina. She is due to come home any day now. My sister said she is going to be girly girl and that it had to be pink. It's more salmon than pink but definitely girly. I used the same Mod Circle pattern and Ta Dot for the leaf pattern.

The back inspired me to make another quilt, maybe a Kate Spade ( brown/white/pink orange!) insipred quilt or Mosimo type colored zig zags. Will follow up.

The heart is tell her how much I love her and hope she come home soon (born 1/21/12 at 24 weeks). I think I will add a prayer in her quilt label.

March 30, 2012

Rainbow Bright

A sunny bright quilt made in strips: a great way to use scraps, large or small. Hey! Pink is not a color in a rainbow!
It is in mine.

March 8, 2012

Pink and brown girlie quilt- hand pieced and hand quilted.

February 9, 2012

Habitat Challenge Quilt in Mod Circles

 Dallas Modern Quilt had a challenge sponsored with Habitat fabric by Jay McCarroll. I used an awesome pattern created by Lindsey Rhodes of LRstitched you can find here . The Moda Bakeshop featured  Mod Circles quilt is a wonderful way to use the  tiniest pieces (templates included in tutorial). It's 11:23pm, other wise I would have photographed this baby outside, however it's raining and gray skies in Dallas for at least a day.(Ignore the baby milk stained ottoman!)
 I hand quilted the petals inside the circle, something I have not done for a while. The rest is meandered using long side to side (pictured sideways...woops). The brown is a Bella solid, solids were the only fabric we could have used. Some used Bella Stone, white and grays.I chose brown to bring out the earthiness of the fabric collection, and the binding in Kona Pomegranite gives it the punch I was aiming for. Next time I plan to hand turn the petals in to see if i like the no raw edge better. But yes, I will be making another one of these!
 The back has some stacked coins to use up more of the challenge fabric.
 I hope Lindsey is proud. Happy sewing!

Swap pouch for Dallas Modern Quilt Guild

 Dallas Modern Quilt Guild members swapped pouches. Instructed to use the tutorial on Noodlehead's site here, I made mine in some Tufted Tweets fabric with a little bit of dots for a small pocket. I might have to replicate this one for the keys/sunglasses/phone I always lose. Happy sewing!

January 17, 2012

comfort quilt

The third quilt I ever made. 1993-4 for my niece Alex. My sister is in the hospital with a difficult pregnancy and I was surprised to see this. She brought it with her as a comfort. It is hand sewn, appliqued, and quilted.The little aprons are pieces of cotton lace trim. The hands are pieced of muslin (what did I know!) I was glad to capture a couple of pictures since it has minimal wear and tear. 

January 7, 2012

Hugs & Kisses, I love you!

 It doesn't get any easier than cutting a layer cake in half and inserting jelly roll strips. I love Aneela Hoey's Sherbet Pips. The little playful doggies, scooter people, and the overall color combo. Quilted in X's O's and U's for I love you, a lot of love went into making this quilt.

4X4: a Scrappy quilt

Scrappy squares! A pieced 2 inch 4X4 blocks quilt that I made in a hurry just in time for Christmas. I love Kona gray and yellow. The back is made with Moda Puzzle pieces in Paisley gray and Bella Solid in Sunshine. Quilted in gray, I think I like it. Bunny ears for my quilt, compliments of the hubby.