May 13, 2012

Ticker Tape quilt for Hailey

I made this ticker tape quilt for my daughter's best friends new baby girl Hailey Faith. It has pieces from quilts I made for my own daughters and grandsons.

My non-OCD quilt. No measuring, stabilizing, or perfecting this quilt. Very wonky in some spots.I actually hung it upside down. Can you tell I got tire of sewing itty bitty pieces? The sizes got bigger and bigger...
 The pieces are just from everywhere, chenille, dots, modern, old, designer, and what not.

 I am starting another one of these just in chenille pieces only that have had  for years from all the treasure hunting done on first Mondays in Canton.
 Once washed, the edges will fray a bit. I see some threads I need to clip!