August 16, 2014

Moda Candy Stars

Are you in love with Moda Candy too? Does your mouth water as you peel off the wrapper!? I love these pretty littles. I have been known to grab one or two as I check out of quilt stores, as they are usually at the counter, otherwise known as in the sucker isle, like when you're at the store and see the sweets as you're paying and you grab one as you are about to pay. Kind of like that but better!
2.5 inches of fun!


Adding a second border for a snuggle size.

FMQ in swirls, I also added some green to the stars and loops in the border. Kona White, Michael Miller Ta Dot, & MoMO Just Wing It candy charm pack with scrappy points for stars.

Bound in a Malka Dubrasky bright colors.

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